About Us

When everything around us is changing and we VAAU thought that the logistics service has been same from past few decades. So, we are here to revolutionize the logistics industry.

VAAU is the logistics company for which Hyderabad is waiting for. Our unique door to door delivery which specials in on-time delivery of product. Our goal is to make life easier by delivering any of your belongings/products you want in Hyderabad.

why choose us?

We, VAAU are your one stop shop for ALL of your courier needs. Not all deliveries are the same so we offer customized guidelines based on YOUR specific needs. Whether you require service in one day or one hour, we are available 24/7/365 to ensure your deliveries are always on time. We also provide you a Personal Assistant (assistant working exclusively for one particular person).

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your complete satisfaction & the shipping charges are free! We will not rest until we have exceeded your expectations at every level.

Unique Services

Whether you require an envelope, package, Medicines, Lunch Box, Mobile, Laptop, Pen-Drive or document delivered within an hour or a day, we make it happen ensuring your expenses are kept at a minimum while your specific requirements are met. You can also hire a person for hours as your Personal Assistant.

Ease of Use

Not only you will get fast, secure, affordable, and prompt service, but hiring a courier service like VAAU is incredibly easy. To make an order, you simply need to Register/Sign-up & Login on our VAAU App/Website, select the service you need, input the needed pickup and deliver information, and have your package ready. We make things easy so you can focus on what’s important.

We provide a quality services

In Hyderabad in INDIA.